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Andromeda Galaxy. Canvas Print.

Andromeda Galaxy. Canvas Print.

Andromeda Galaxy painting print by Justin Andrew Hook.
Andromeda Galaxy! 🌌🪐☄ 48" x 20"
Justin painted the origianl with acrylic on canvas.
But now you have have your very own peronalised canvas print on high quality stretched canvas.
About the painting:
I started this painting afew years back but shelved it because I got stuck and time along with the business of life distracted me. But having a recent window to give it another crack, a few weeks on and we are done! I completely new challenge that has stretched my field into new territory. I can see myself painting way more heavenly themed pieces of galactic art! I enjoyed this one a lot as I never thought Ide ever pull it off!
Andromeda Galaxy: The Andromeda Galaxy, or M31, is the nearest large neighbour of our Milky Way. It is estimated to be 2.5 million light-years away. That makes it the most distant object regularly visible with the naked eye. It is believed the Andromeda Galaxy contains roughly one trillion stars. And it stretches more than 200,000 light-years in diameter. That’s significantly bigger than the Milky Way, which more recent estimates suggest is 150,000 light-years across (though the exact boundary of where either of these galaxies "end" is a bit nebulous). Astronomers are still struggling to get an accurate count, but our galaxy also appears to have roughly a quarter to a half as many stars as Andromeda.
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